Anne Longley

Bio: Beginning in 1978 and for the next 20+ years I was a writer & editor for various newspapers/magazines, including the Hartford Courant, New York Times and People mag. Met amazing people. Awful people. Covered stories that that ranged from unforgettably exhilarating to utterly devastating. I loved every minute. Until the celebrity stories - particularly the one when I stood in the rain for 2 hours solely to report on Princess Caroline's head wrap -- began sapping the very life out of me. So I gave it all up for life as an antiques dealer, traipsing through flea markets and shops, and have sold tens of thousands of items in the last two decades -- some Antiques Road Show-like finds...and, yes, some duds, too. I occasionally still write and was the researcher on Wendy Goodman's 2009 book "The World of Gloria Vanderbilt." I was born in Germany, spent my first years in Pennsylvania, and have lived in Connecticut since age 9. But "home" is Siasconset, where my family has gone since the early 1900s, where I plan (far in the future, I hope) to spend eternity.

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